Welcome to my commission page! If you look to the right, you'll see my current prices far art. I am currently on hiatus, so if you would like art, I accept only bribe prices (which is double the price) and may even deny those based on my mood. I'm terribly sorry for the unprofessional nature of this, I'm just burned out on doing art for others right now, and I need to focus on myself. I still love you all.

Also you can get in touch with me through NON-ANON asks if you need me, because I don't like responding to asks publically about my art status as it changes depending on mood/time/circumstance. Thank you for your interest!

Commission Information Sheet.

So now, more information right? Hahaha. So the email to send commissions to is catlina_13 at hotmail dot com. If you want to see some of my more recent art, check out My Art Tag or my NSFW Artblog. I have to reiterate, I really can do almost any style. If you have a TV show you particularly are fond of, I can probably imitate the art fairly well. From Futurama to Invader Zim, to Homestuck, or even Tim Burton give me a crack at it. If I can't do the style, you don't pay! I'd love to work with you on anything, from doing softer shading, to working on cel shading. I do a lot of stuff, and I'm really hard to squick. Unless it's a pairing I'm not fond of, which you can probably get around by bribing me. Haha.

Also in regards to speed, I usually finish my art in 1-2 days. I can take up to a week if I can't get a pose to work with me, but honestly I'm pretty quick. For the less detailed pieces of art (such as sketches?) you'll probably get it from me in a few hours. Speed is the big thing for me. I'll be trying to get your order processed ASAP. I'll send you a sketch before I move onto Lineart, so a lot of the time you'll see a sketch within 24 hours of the request. If you're here on tumblr? Use the submit field to share references and more easily! It accepts links, and everything. I'll try to keep lines of communication open so you know what I'm doing, and I'll ask questions if I need to.