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I am a gorehound sometimes, and into weird shit, I'm sorry.

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18th September 2014

Photoset with 1 note

… Okay so apparently I’m not allowed to just draw a normal Pyro. Okay. I’ll live with that personal issue.

Tagged: TF2 PyroPyrobeastTF2Team Fortress 2The PyroI Drew ThisFinished ArtRrrrrrrrr

16th September 2014

Photoset with 1 note

 I want share your mouthful. I want to do all the things your lungs do so well.
                Devour me, if you really think that you can stomach me.
                   I want every other freckle, I want every other freckle.


Tagged: Tf2SpyxScoutSpoutTeam Fortress 2SpyScoutI Drew ThisFinished ArtJacquesFrankieTF2 OCsAlt-JEvery Other Freckle

14th September 2014

Photoset with 2 notes

Look, Gilderoy Lockhart may be a cream puff, but we all know he’s got a kick in the teeth attitude if you mess with him. This is why the Gildy I hang out with has a running total for how many times he’s surprise-stabbed Spy with a pastry fork and sent him to respawn. Little bugger.

Tagged: Gilderoy LockhartTF2 SpyTeam Fortress 2Harry PotterCrossoverI Drew ThisSketchesbloodJacquesGildyMurder

13th September 2014

Photoset with 1 note

Spy’s first base was Upwards, and he’d climb to the highest point on the map (who said Snipers were the only ones obsessed with height?) and watch the sunrise with a long smoke, just soaking up the cold that only seems to come with early mornings near the waterfront.

Tagged: SpyTF2Team Fortress 2TF2 SpyThe SpyI drew thisJacquesFinished Art

12th September 2014


Jacques and Frankie at 17 for comparison. Jacques is actually 27 years older than the kid, but… When he was 17 he kept himself malnourished in order to appear about 4 years younger than he really was, so that the Hitler Youth group he was with wouldn’t push him into war sooner. So they would have been similar— except Jacques stunted his own growth on purpose. At 19, after he started eating lots of good food, he shot right up, thankfully. Funnily enough they both have the same haircut, Scout from choice, and Jacques because that was the typical cut they gave in HY.

Tagged: tf2team fortress 2spyscoutcomparisonOCsI Drew ThissketchesJacquesFrankie

11th September 2014

Photoset with 2 notes

Our little group had glitches, so I uh. Did a couple for Jacques, ended up really liking the fox so I ‘completed it’. 

Tagged: tf2team Fortress 2tf2 SpyThe SpySpy OCI Drew Thissketchesfinished artJacques

10th September 2014

Photoset with 7 notes

Saw this post on my dash. Basically this is how I play Spy. People keep touching him and he just sort of gouges their face off if they don’t take the polite no as a polite no. He tends to follow it up to the poor disfigured victim with various Dadly rants about “personal space”, and how “anyone you pester could be an aggressive stranger” and to “pick your battles.” He also keeps falling asleep tucked up behind ‘his’ snipers, scout, engineers and various others regardless of team. So— … I play a giant fucking cat. But god help you if you aren’t ‘HIS’ snipers, scout, or engineers (or various others).

Tagged: tf2Team Fortress 2TF2 SpyThe SpySpyI drew thisFinished artJacques

8th September 2014


Whoops, I slipped. Been a while since I went the full cartoony. BUT HE CAME OUT SO CUTE.

Tagged: The ScoutScoutTF2TF2 ScoutTeam Fortress 2I Drew ThisFrankieSketches

7th September 2014


Scout’s family, Spy’s too if they let him. Heh. THought the kid deserved a nice picture of the whole family so I did one under his gentle guidance.

Tagged: The ScoutTF2 ScoutTF2Team Fortress 2 OCsOCsI Drew ThisDannyJoeyTonyFrankieBillyFreddyMickyJohnnyArmarelloMy fuckin' babiesShut upCries over themFinished Art

1st September 2014

Photoset with 2 notes

A bunch of Soldier sketches. I realized, strangely, I can also draw other characters??? Weird. Might finish a couple of these too.

Tagged: TF2Team Fortress 2Jane DoeThe SoldierTF2 SoldierI Drew ThisSketchesLt. Bites