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I am a gorehound sometimes, and into weird shit, I'm sorry.

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7th October 2014

Photoset with 12 notes

So misterbullseye a good friend of mine and I got to chatting and— well he always ends up stepping in and kicking people in the teeth for Jacques. The thing is no one has really insulted Steakhouse enough for Jacques to have this reaction. So I drew it instead. So what if he’s BLU? He’s a loyal friend.

Tagged: TF2TF2 OCsSniperSpyTeam Fortress 2LOUD ANGRY SPIESFLOWERHOLD ITJacquesCharlesSteakhousegift artFinished ArtI Drew ThisSloppy god damn coloring and shading

27th September 2014

Photoset with 4 notes

Yooooo hey, you lookin’ good over there hey, sup.

Tagged: ScoutThe ScoutTF2 ScoutTF2Team Fortress 2I drew thisredraw from the fried chicken sceneI wanted his face reallythe fried chicken joke is likedead for mesorryFinished ArtAlso his headset isn't wrongIt's just an OC thingFrankie

26th September 2014

Photoset with 1 note

Okay look, I can’t stop drawing these losers. So what?

Tagged: TF2TF2 OCsTF2 OCTeam FortressSpoutNAKKIDI Drew ThisFinished ArtI don't wanna shade itJacquesFrankie

24th September 2014


Oh no I went the full hipster on my breakfast and took photos. This is uh, a fresh apple (literally walked outside in the rain to pick it outside my front door) chopped at the bottom, a huge glob of butter, a layer of cinnamon-clove-honey oatmeal, and then some 2% milk on top. The dried apples are just to make it look pretty. The uh, drink in the French Press is Absinthe flavored Coffee from Maverick’s Coffee Co.

Tagged: foodfood pornoatmealbreakfastfood photographyI Shot ThisI have gone the full hipsterLike the fake glassesbeloved scarf collectionand living near Seattle didn't do it

22nd September 2014

Photo reblogged from Bad drawings with 23 notes


"First of all how dare you." 


"First of all how dare you." 

Tagged: not my artTF2 OCOCScoutTF2Team Fortress 2SOMEONE DREW FANARTOF AN RPWITH LYNCHLYNCH GOT FANARTExploding brbCries over his perfect facehe is so madthat doctor offered him a lolipopand that is why Josef is a bitchLynch

19th September 2014

Photoset with 4 notes

Caleb Vincent Lynch. M’Scout. He’s a useless lil brat with one partially blind eye. He prefer parkour over speed, going up buildings and around creepy ledges like a little goat to get rid of his enemies instead of just flat out running. His nickname is Chatterbox, because on the field he actually yells out what he sees, and if you’re not using that name he prefers Lynch.

I used an actual lens flare… I am not proud of myself.

Tagged: TF2TF2 OCScoutTF2 OC ScoutTeam Fortress 2I Drew ThisLynchChatterboxFinished Art

18th September 2014

Photoset with 1 note

… Okay so apparently I’m not allowed to just draw a normal Pyro. Okay. I’ll live with that personal issue.

Tagged: TF2 PyroPyrobeastTF2Team Fortress 2The PyroI Drew ThisFinished ArtRrrrrrrrr

16th September 2014

Photoset with 1 note

 I want share your mouthful. I want to do all the things your lungs do so well.
                Devour me, if you really think that you can stomach me.
                   I want every other freckle, I want every other freckle.


Tagged: Tf2SpyxScoutSpoutTeam Fortress 2SpyScoutI Drew ThisFinished ArtJacquesFrankieTF2 OCsAlt-JEvery Other Freckle

14th September 2014

Photoset with 2 notes

Look, Gilderoy Lockhart may be a cream puff, but we all know he’s got a kick in the teeth attitude if you mess with him. This is why the Gildy I hang out with has a running total for how many times he’s surprise-stabbed Spy with a pastry fork and sent him to respawn. Little bugger.

Tagged: Gilderoy LockhartTF2 SpyTeam Fortress 2Harry PotterCrossoverI Drew ThisSketchesbloodJacquesGildyMurder

13th September 2014

Photoset with 1 note

Spy’s first base was Upwards, and he’d climb to the highest point on the map (who said Snipers were the only ones obsessed with height?) and watch the sunrise with a long smoke, just soaking up the cold that only seems to come with early mornings near the waterfront.

Tagged: SpyTF2Team Fortress 2TF2 SpyThe SpyI drew thisJacquesFinished Art