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I'm known as Dean, or Uragani.

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I am a gorehound sometimes, and into weird shit, I'm sorry.

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28th August 2014

Question with 3 notes

playing-the-guitar-with-ed said: woah, your drawings are so good *.*



Tagged: playing the guitar with edTF2TF2 SpySketchesAhhh!Thank you!ComplimentI Drew ThisTeam Fortress 2Jacques

28th August 2014

Photoset with 1 note

Painted up one of the sketches of MonsterSpoo I have hanging around. I play him with 5 glitch-modes, Mini-baby, Mini-adult, Adult, Monster, and Unhappy Living Severed Head. This is Monster, poor thing. Designed him to look creepy enough not to resemble Jacques even without the mask.

Tagged: TentaspyMonsterConcept ArtTF2 SpyTF2I Drew ThisJacquesMonsterspyOCFinished Art

28th August 2014

Photoset with 52 notes

I told you I might color one of those doodles.

Tagged: Red SpyThe SpyTF2 SpyTF2Team Fortress 2I Drew ThisJacquesTransparentFinished Art

27th August 2014

Photoset with 1 note

Jacques and Frankie. Jacques’ glitch sometimes turns him into a 30’ long monster of a tentabeast, and— well he is in there. He is. And he loves his kid, so there’s a good chance it’ll hold over even in a monster. Even though the monster certainly doesn’t hold back when killing everyone else.

Tagged: tentaspytf2 scouttf2Team Fortress 2TF2 OCsI Drew ThisFrankieJacquessketches

25th August 2014

Photoset with 1 note

Spy ‘n’ Scout hanging out on down time, having themselves a couple of brews and telling stories about how the fight went today. Pretty good considering they aren’t respawn clean I’d wager. And way too hot if Spy stripped down that far.

Tagged: tf2 SpyTF2 ScoutScoutSpyTF2I Drew ThisSketchFrankieJacquesSketches

19th August 2014

Photoset with 1 note

So Jacques did have his stint in BLU. It was not kind to him. This encounter brought to you by Raymond Mundy. He pretty much just took his time carving him like a Christmas turkey before sending him on to respawn, because Jacques sort of Dominated him and pissed him off. Whoopsies. He kept his distance after this.

Tagged: The SpySpy AbuseSpyTF2Team Fortress 2I Drew ThisJacquesJacques RenardbloodFinished Art

18th August 2014

Photoset with 43 notes

Gordon Lockwood, m’Engie. He’s mostly versed in Respawn tech. Everything else he’s just learned to play the game. Respawn man, that’s his game.

Tagged: EngineerThe EngineerTF2Team Fortress 2TF2 OCGordon LockwoodM'GordyI Drew ThisFanartLineart

11th August 2014

Photoset with 4 notes

Lil weird around the face, but I wanted to catch “the look” the kid keeps telling me about. He stomped around and laid down and wouldn’t talk to me, so I’m guessing I got it.

Tagged: The ScoutScoutTF2Team Fortress 2SketchI Drew ThisFrankieLineart

10th August 2014

Photoset with 4 notes

I sort of slipped on this one, apparently my favorite thing to do is ruin Spy’s life and his suit. Really quick scribs again.

Tagged: SpyThe SpyTF2Team Fortress 2I drew thisJacquesOCFinished Art

9th August 2014


One of the better scribs that came out of cheerin’ the kid up. Figured a few of these deserve their own post. You keep lookin’ at him he’s gonna kick your ass.

Tagged: ScoutTF2The ScoutTeam Fortress 2fanartI Drew ThisFrankieLineart